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Trish Scott

At Incrediball – The Core Store, we started with vision and exercise balls from Italy. Since 1998, we have offered cutting edge wellness products to practitioners and home-users nationwide. From rehabilitation to holistic alternatives for foot, joint and back pain, we offer the most up-to-date options for wellness on the market. We offer phthalate free/recyclable exercise and rehabilitation products from Italy, functional footwear from Switzerland, Italy, Canada, and more.

Trish Scott, president and founder of Incrediball Enterprises Ltd., has been a fitness professional since 1983. It all started with a Swiss ball and a vision to provide cutting-edge effective programs for her clients. That vision has grown into hundreds of wellness, therapeutic and fitness related products. Strength through functional movement is our philosophy. We pride ourselves on quality in both product and customer service.

Our aim is customer satisfaction and our staff is on hand to help make your experience a pleasant one. We are proudly Canadian and are located in Fort Langley, British Columbia. We ship expedited parcel door-to-door right across Canada.


Research is indicating that we need to reconnect with the way our bodies were designed to function. We are sitting too much and being supported too much. We have reached the point where it has become detrimental to our health. Ergonomic supportive sitting apparatus and controlled supportive footwear has proven more detrimental than helpful. All that support is coming back to haunt us. There seems to be an upward surge in improper movement and gait patterns, resulting in a host of problems with feet, joints, necks and backs. At the Core Store, we believe that by improving posture, reducing the stress to the joints and back and strengthening the way the body functions naturally, we can improve the way you move – pain free!